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There are some important factors to consider when choosing a Cosmetic Surgeon. These can be divided into the details of the Lotion Bottle Cosmetic Surgeon and the way in which your needs are addressed.

The Cosmetic Surgeon

Is the Cosmetic Surgeon a fellow of and certified by the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery?
What is the Cosmetic Surgeons background and experience in Cosmetic Surgery?
Where did the Cosmetic Surgeon undergo his Cosmetic Surgery training?
What are typical results the Cosmetic Surgeon has achieved?
Where does the Cosmetic Surgeon operate and conduct procedures, particularly with regard to the quality of the facility and the team taking care of you?
Does he have a nice practice staff?

Your needs

Does the Cosmetic Surgeon make an effort to discuss with you your goals, what a Cosmetic procedure can achieve and what are realistic expectations?
Does the Cosmetic Surgeon discuss whether you are an appropriate candidate for Cosmetic Surgery?
Do you feel comfortable asking questions? Does the Cosmetic Surgeon seek to answer all your questions and explain your options?
What kind of post operative follow up is available?

You will find that different Cosmetic Surgeons will have different fees and costs. Some Cosmetic Surgeons choose not to give prices over the phone. This should not necessarily be viewed as being evasive as there are various reasons why a quote without a consultation may not be appropriate. For example, you may be enquiring about one procedure when in fact another different procedure may be more appropriate. A good Cosmetic Surgeon will recommend a face to face consultation where you can discuss what you are seeking to achieve and what your options may be. Only based on this information and the recommendations of the Cosmetic Surgeon can an accurate quote for Cosmetic Surgery be provided to you.

There are Cosmetic Surgeons who will be offering surgery at cheaper prices. Just bare in mind that you get what you pay for.

Are you a good candidate for Cosmetic Surgery?

The best candidate for Cosmetic Surgery is informed informed about their body, their goals, their options, and benefits and risks of Cosmetic Surgery. A person who is indecisive and just getting an idea or satisfying their curiosity about Cosmetic Surgery is not a good candidate. Having Cosmetic Surgery, as with any surgery, is a major commitment. An informed candidate understands what to expect and their responsibilities after the surgery. It is also important that a person considering Cosmetic Surgery has realistic expectations. A good Cosmetic Surgeon will discuss your goals and what can realistically be achieved by surgery in your consultation.

A person with underlying emotional issues is not a good candidate for Cosmetic Surgery. A good Cosmetic Surgeon will ask you questions in the consultation to evaluate your goals and reasons to pursue Cosmetic Surgery. An individual should elect to have Cosmetic Surgery to look and feel healthier and not as a means of fixing underlying emotional issues.

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